Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Technology speech

My speech this term is about technology and how we are not ready for advanced technology. I was learning to structure my writing using language devices and connecting to my audience by starting with a rhetorical question to hook my audience in. I think I went well because I feel my audience was ready connected and really cared. I used parts of the structure but it lacks balance or flow. Many ideas connect to the point of view, using several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience.
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 Have you wondered what the future will look like with the flying cars for transport, floating restaurants,robots instead of teachers?  I don't think we are ready for advanced technology. I am not trying to kick up a fuss.  If this technology does not work the company will lose a fortune. Have you heard on the media people made redundant for robots something that could fail epically meanwhile human's work for money we can't malfunction? I wonder what those people who’ve been made redundant feel like,  they can't make money for their families. Teachers or robots, what would you chose?
I am not talking about little remote control robots, I am talking about robots that can control themselves such as,Google car that drives itself Would you trust it. Did you know that the Google car has had fourteen crashes or more? What I don't get is if there is someone on their phone going through a red light, you know you can't do anything to stop your car from smashing the other one, and the Google car will have to be set to stop at the lights.

We all love our phones laptops and what not but the technology that we are making are insane. Take Segway for example. Many of them have caught on fire burning down houses for crying out loud these people that are making these products,they need to work on them more instead of Selling them worldwide when they are not finish. it drives me crazy to know that they could catch on fire with one knock.  That is one more example which shows we are not ready for advanced technology.

I love technology if we didn't have technology, I wouldn't be writing this speech well I would but on paper. I love iPads, iPhones Pcs.But there is technology now that people from old movies only could of dreamed of. But technology is going too far in a bad way,the things we are making.

I can't wait to see if the companies take a hint and do proper testing to make amazing technology.That doesn't  burn down houses or hurt anyone. When new technology comes out stop and think do you need this in your life, or can it wait? If you had the power what would you want robots or people?

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