Monday, 6 June 2016

Muddy ride

I am so scared as I grab my bike. My hands are cold as ice cubes. I can't do it - what what happens if I fall off? My heart thumps. I am shivering with fear but now it's time to go. I cling to the handlebars - here we go, on the course. I peddle as fast as I can. As we bike past, the birds jump tree to tree like monkeys.  Now we are at the start of the course. “This time we will be going down slopes and up hills,” said the leader.  As we go along it gets harder and harder. 

We reach the first slope. I pedal too fast, then I hesitate, hit the brakes and fly right off, face first. I sit down for a while, a mist of loneliness surrounds me until Louis finds me. All I have is cuts and bruises. As I limp back to my bike, tears snake down my face. “I just want this ride to be over,” I mumble. 
“There's a lot more to go,” says Louis.  I moan. Soon  it's the last slope.
“It's a little scary,”  I announce. I peddle down to the slopes. A couple years later, well that is what it feel like, we finally got to the pump track where we ride around and go over bumps.“Now it's time to head back,” said the leader. Skipping a few years, we get back to camp and I  flop like a fish on the grass.

This term I was learning to use punctuation, to start with a hook and speech marks and in general improve my writing I think I went well on improving my writing my next steps are to use Bright sparks.

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