Monday, 14 December 2015

Almost minecraft

Almost Minecraft
Boom! The creepers exploded behind us. 
“Mwaaaah,” The zombies moaned in undead agony. Thwick thwick the skeletons fired their arrows which narrowly missed our heads. We ran toward a abandoned warehouse. But the mobs quickly broke down the door and blew up the warehouse. At that exact moment a Isuzu mu-x screeched to a halt beside us. Two men hopped out and started to gun down mobs. As the dust settled we got a clear view of our rescuers. They were strongly built men wearing military clothes. when they saw us they asked in a serious tone.
“Why are you dressed as a pig and why are you in a cardboard box?" 

“Well it's a funny story,” explained Harry. “A creeper blew up our house so we had to hide from it. But it called other mobs to track us down. Luckily for us the spiders were busy building the World Wide Web so we can play online. That meant that they couldn't come, but the zombies and skeletons were able to get us. We found an abandoned warehouse  and decided to go in to protect ourselves. It was then we realised our clothes had been pulverised by the explosion so we had to get some more. The only things we could find were a pig onesie and a card-board box. So that’s the reason why we are like this.”  
“Alright then,” said the soldier. "We’ll drive you to the residential part of town so we can get you a new house.”
“Thanks man.”

On the way there we saw the abandoned warehouses. Some of them are rumored to be haunted and there are animals who graze the outskirts looking for the freshest grass. 
“Whoah! The wheel's been popped, brace yourselves!” yelled the driver. "Because there is a prison bus coming at us and it is full of zombies." Smash! 
The zombies spilled out and the driver of our car was dead.
“Phil, wake up,” pleaded the other soldier trying to revive his partner.
“He’s dead,” said Josh in a sorry tone.
“Guys,” Harry warned “There is a bus load of zombies and a squadron of skeletons outside and they look like they wanna kill us.”
“Maybe not,” said Josh just as a zombie started eating the dead driver.
“Don't worry,” said the driver. “We crashed just outside of the city so we could hide amongst all the buildings.” 

We could see the giant buildings towering over us as we passed the broken down houses and burned down buildings. We saw bandits stealing from houses and shooting civilians. Harry and Josh were gunning down the zombies,  when a giant building collapsed and killed the rest of zombies in front of us,  completely crushing the remaining soldier. His blood started spilling out from under the building and the broken glass from the building shredded our clothing.
 “Great,” said Harry “We are clotheless yet again.” 
“But at least we are not like him,” said Josh pointing at the dead guy under the building in disgust. 
“I wonder what made the building fall?” Wondered Harry curiously. Boom! An explosion answered Harry’s question...

“Creepers!” yelled Josh as the the dust settled. But surprising them all some of the bandits started attacking the creepers. Once they killed the creepers they shot us but we bolted at them knocking them on to their back, which left them paralyzed. We ran as fast as a cheetah to a broken down house to hide in. Harry bolted under the bed to see a bag filled with military armour and more guns. The armour Harry found was a green camouflage and the two guns we got were a m16 and a mp5. 
“Now we are ready," said Josh in a excited tone. After a long time walking, we suddenly stopped to see a chopper. 
“Look over there, ” Harry said as he saw a few more zombies.
“Let's get out of here,” Josh cried. 
“Wait there is a man guarding it," said Harry. Josh and Harry thought of a plan “We will ask him,” Harry said in a serious tone 
“Are you kidding, he will not just let us use it,” Josh said dieing with laughter.
“No I mean you and I will trick that guy and fly out of here, let's go,” Harry said. Josh slowly walked down the hillside as Harry charged after the guy. “Can we use the helicopter?” 
“Wait, what is your name?” said the guy. 
"It's Josh and Harry Potter. Please, please, please can we use the helicopter?” 
“On one condition, you get me a Pepsi,” demanded the guy 
“A Pepsi, are you kidding me?” Josh said laughing hysterically 
“From the vending machine. I'm outta cash"
 “Oh look” said Harry “Hey look a quarter.” 
“Where?” asked the guy . "That’s all the money I need.”
“Told ya sucker,” yelled Josh as the two friends hijacked the helicopter and flew away to safety.


  1. Scary story with lots of great descriptive writing,

  2. Great story. I liked the bite where it says "told ya sucker," yelled josh as the two friends hijacked the helicopter and flew away to safety."