Monday, 12 October 2015

Nomads United

It was a cold winter's day at Nomads United. I could see the cold wet grass waving to me in the wind. I could hear supporters yelling at the top of their lungs from the other side of the pitch. 
Standing right in front, were the team we were playing:  Fc 2011. Their players were a mix of big and tiny kids in red tops in a line looking right at me. It was time to play. The ball was flying, falling and hitting the other players. The corner flag  flapped  as the cold breeze blew by. The whole game I was thinking about whether we would win or not. And I was feeling hungry just waiting until it was  halftime so I could eat the mouthwatering oranges and water. 

At halftime it was 1-1. I could see kids on playground jumping swinging climbing. I just couldn't wait until full time. Ollie was sent on and he knew he was going to score with that big smile on his face. 

In the end the score was 2-1 to my team. The purpose in football is to have and work as a team and show people what you can do.


  1. nice writing josh, it reminded me of some of my football games

  2. I enjoyed your piece Josh
    It made me think of all the cold mornings we were at Nomads and how much I wanted you to win.