Tuesday, 27 October 2015

driving a car

It was a burning hot summer day in Otematata. We went biscuiting in the freezing cold lake.  My family and I went there with my best friend Lewis and his family. A biscuit is a little inflatable boat that gets pulled by a real boat. Lewis and I do this in the holidays usually but this time something exciting happened. I didn't know that I was going to drive a van.

My Dad had said that someday I could drive a car but I didn't know it was today. I lunged out of the lake water and carefully walked across the crab-like stones that pinched my feet, one by one. Sean and I asked my Dad if he could drive us to the restrooms, up by the entry.

We slowly drove over the dusty path to the restrooms, the stones under us we bumping up and down like waves hitting a boat. After using the restrooms,my dad hopped back into the car, but he went in the wrong seat. He went in my seat. As walked towards the car, I realised that I was going to drive the car.  I walked as slow as a snail to the driver seat.  I was shaking while my dad told me how to start the car.  I put my sweating hands on the steering wheel, and put my foot on the accelerator.  My dad had told me to put my foot down gently, but I didn’t listen...The car went flying forward.   I started driving, but it was hard because cars were driving past me.  I ducked down behind the steering wheel, so they wouldn’t notice a kid was driving the car.  

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  1. I love this description Josh, it is very well written. I can just imagine you ducking down... it made me laugh though, because passers-by may have thought NO-ONE was driving the car!! Love it.