Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tree accident

joshua miller
Do you remember a time when you had an accident and you felt like you were about to die? Such as getting dunked under water, and struggling for air. Or maybe you fell off your scooter and you cut your legs so badly that you thought you'd have to get them amputated? Or maybe you slipped and hit your head on the concrete, and you felt so dizzy that you had to sit down?
Sometimes things don't always go to plan. Sometimes things go horribly wrong.

Aaargh! Help help help. One day I was at Lewis' house with Ari and Lochie. My three best friends and I having a fantastic time . We were running around playing in the forest at the front of the house and climbing a huge tree. A couple minutes later Lewis and Ari scooted away and  Ari stole my scooter and I ran down the footpath.  Yelling at the top of my lungs saying “Give my scooter back!” I bolted right at him smashing him right off my scooter then I scrambled to Lewis' house and Ari came too.  I scaled back up the tree like a cat gripping the branches. Nicki called  out to me to come down. I was descending when suddenly a branch snapped and I fell, smashing to the ground onto my back. I was paralyzed  I couldn't move. I was unconscious . Everyone ran to me like they were in the cross country and they were about to win. When I woke up Nicki said “Are you ok?” 

“Yes I am fine,” I said sarcastically .I looked in horror at the jagged  branch through my arm. Blood was oozing from the battle wound. Nicki rang my dad and I was rushed to after hours to get blue stitches. What a night. I got home to see my worried mother. The next day I went to school. It  was show and tell and when I showed the pictures of my arm everyone hid their faces. 

My lesson was to think carefully before you do something because I don't what to see another person have the same experience I had.


  1. I loved the writing in this true story Josh. Lots of great descriptive words and it kept my attention the whole way through the story. Well done x ( worried Mum !! )

  2. I love this story. It reminds me of when was playing soccer with my brother and I fell on the concrete! I had cuts on most of my leg, that will teach me to play on concrete.