Monday, 21 September 2015

Maori learning

This year I have been trying to enjoy and participate in Maori culture, learning Maori songs and learning our mihi. A mihi is introducing yourself like your name, your parents and your mountain. Last term I liked Maori culture values and if I had to do the haka on stage I would do it. 
This term He Tangata has changed how we do Monday meet up by adding parts of a powhiri, no longer shouting welcome to Waimairi at new students, but singing a song that we made up- a Maori song. The song says welcome to Waimairi but in Maori. And we give a gift of a flax flower that He tangata made by hand. This term I came out of my shell and did my mihi on stage and felt proud of myself. 
Here is an audio link to our performances and explanations about our learning. 

 Mihi Whakatau

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