Monday, 8 June 2015

Snake bit cat

Hissssssss hisssssss.

It was a cold day. The wind was pushing me from behind. That wind zapped up my spine. It felt like a thousand little men trying to climb the biggest mountain in the world.

Hope was in the playhouse, the 2 ft high and 3ft long playhouse. Two cats were slowly walking around like something was going to happen. I looked at the cats. One of the cat's’ fur stuck out like a hedgehog and its eyes were as big as marbles.

I gasped, then suddenly- hisss hisss. Out of nowhere a snake slid  as slow as a snail towards one of the cats. It was hiding in the grass, camouflaged.  The scared cat watched  the snake like a hawk, while walking backwards.

The snake emerged closer to the cat. The cat scanned the area to see if there were any hiding spots. The cat was looking at the tree. It ran as fast as a cheetah. The snake slid to the cat. I dived towards the cat trying to save it but noooooo! The snake opened its mouth then it closed.  Fur gone, drowning to the ground. I gasped. My uncle ran out and stomped on the snake head with his rugby boots -squash! The snake’s head was a flat screen TV. I turned my head for a second and it was gone. The cat was paralyzed and he looked stuffed. We ran to the closest vet. My uncle went in, then came out.  

“He is fine but he is paralysed,” he said sadly, “but only for a day.”

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  1. I loved your descriptive words Josh-exciting story,