Monday, 23 March 2015

School camping trip

There I was sitting down listening. Sounds boring, but we were doing archery. The man was giving us information so no-one gets  hurt by an arrow. He started putting  us in to groups. I was in group 3.  Group 1 went, Then 2, then my  group I gasped and walked as slow as a snail to the shooting range.

I firmly grabbed the bow. My hands were sweating and in the corner of my eye I could see the red And blue and yellow target . It looked a easy target in the middle of  a open area with a couple of trees. I was trying  to remember  what he said I aimed and fired. I got the bullseye!

I was about to yell but no, I kept it in my head. I was about to burst but everyone was saying how bad their shot was so I kept quiet.  

In me sorry to everyone who were in group 3 I looked Where I hit I was I was frozen in the moment. I skipped In glee to my seat the oak wood hard seat my sweat . Attached to my skin I sat down ready for my next turn. Then the man said “We are going to play games called Pizza and Holiday. Pizza is game when you shoot at the target. Blue is frozen pizza base. Yellow is cheese. Red is bbq sauce. White is a good base. Black is burnt pizza. Grass is vegetarian.”

The first time I got triple grass. Then I got a good base, bbq sauce and cheese. “Yes!” I shouted I was so happy .
Then we played Holiday. Where you shoot that's  what you get. The first one is you go with the Principal to Gore with 5 dollars. I got to go with a Famous person to a Pacific Island with 5000 Dollars. We got to improve our shot.  

When he said we were going to go, I could almost taste the mouth watering hamburgers.  


  1. Great descriptive writing Josh,


  2. Hey Josh great story love what you've written so far
    From your great friend lochie