Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I remember the blazed day, it was like the sun was right in front of me. My family, friend and I went on a boat but the bad thing was that it couldn’t fit us all. The boat slowly dragged us across the water. The dark sea and was filled with boats we we're heading to a  island. It was a dream come true just to look a the stunning water the ice cold water I was shivering just looking at it. I attempted to jump my breathing got heavy so I jumped.  I landed on seaweed. I immediately hopped out of the water and the first thing I said was “Can we go biscuiting?”

I started to look around and noticed the big mable it was a big biscuit shaped like a couch that goes on water. So Lewis and I asked if we could go on.  The waves were crashing on the couch-shaped biscuit. Paul said “Are you ready?”. I said  yes trying not to sound scared.

We zoomed out of the water. The biscuit bounced and slapped across the surface. A wave of pain zapped up my spine. It was like  the couch was saying no. Each time we hit the water it sprayed in our faces.  The water ran down my face. Lewis and I were laughing nervously, worried we might fall off if we let go of the handles that we were tightly holding on to.

Finally our turn was done and I was happy I did it, but not happy that it was over.


  1. Another great story Josh-that was an exciting day

    Blair and Gina

  2. I like how you siad we zoomed out of the water. That was a fun time.